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Frequently asked questions

Q. I made a claim for benefit but it has been unsuccessful?

A. We can assist you to ask for a review or help you to appeal against the decision.


Q. I have received a letter from my Jobcentre / Housing Benefit office saying they suspect that I have committed an offence. I have been asked to attend an interview?

A. If you have been invited to attend a tape recorded interview (known as an Interview Under Caution) we can arrange for you to be represented at the interview, so that your full legal rights are explained. We can also ask for disclosure of the evidence the Benefit Office wishes to use against you. This helps us to advise you and discuss on your options. If you are charged with an offence our partner solicitors criminal team can assist you further.


Q. The Jobcentre asked me to attend a medical Assessment. I have now been told that I am fit to work and my benefits will be stopped.

A. We can assist you to obtain evidence of your medical problems. We can also help to have your ESA and / or Incapacity benefit re-instated while we assist you to appeal.


Q. I have received a letter saying I have been paid too much benefit and I must repay all the money.


A. Overpayment cases are often based on mistakes / or the rules being misunderstood. Even a simple mistake can lead to a large overpayment occurring. We can help you to consider all the evidence and see if any decisions have been made correctly. Our Welfare Benefits team assist to appeal incorrect decisions. We often get the overpayment amount reduced or judged non-repayable if the benefit office has failed to apply the law correctly.

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