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Social Housing Tenants Support

We support vulnerable people with a number of issues: budgeting, tenancy issues, rent arrears, advocacy; managing money; debt advice; access to training and employment; developing independent living skills etc

Litigants in personAnyone involved in a family law case in a United Kingdom court is entitled to represent themselves in court (they do not need to employ a solicitor or barrister) and if they choose to do this they are termed a Litigant in Person (LIP). A LIP may be accompanied by someone to help them and this person is called a McKenzie Friend

Welfare Rights Many people do not get the support they need, and sometimes can be treated unfairly and without respect, because of a lack of understanding about mental health and negative stereotypes of people on benefits. Our advisers will help you negotiate the minefield of benefits from Universal Credit, PIP, ESA, JSA and many others, to get the welfare support you are entitled to

Social Security Appeals We undertake casework on Welfare Benefit Law to a specialist level. Welcome any clients or organisations who need assistance for First Tier Tribunal cases. We can assist with preparing submissions in advance of the hearing and attending the hearing with you to provide representation. We have very high success rate

Employment lawWe can be consulted on cases involving disciplinary and performance issues, restrictive covenants and protecting confidential information, international employment law, Employment Law Tribunal claims, Settlement Agreements, Discrimination, TUPE and mergers and acquisitions. We are also experienced in carrying out public and private investigations.

Divorce & FamilyWe can work with you to help you manage the changes that a breakdown in family life entails. We can assist you to come to terms with the changes that separation brings, and to help you move forward through the collaborative law process with your lawyers and your former spouse or partner.

Motoring OffencesWe defend all motoring offences, including speeding and excess alcohol, and have an excellent track record in cases involving serious accidents. We have over 25 years experience. There is no substitute for experience, coupled with speed, efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Right to buyHaving the right processes and procedures in place to deal with the practical implications of RTB is crucial. Daryel consultancy provides training, legal advice and practical support to individuals, specialists and wider housing teams.

Wills and ProbateWe specialise in wills, trusts, estate planning and probate matters. It is our aim to provide a first class service and excellent value for money and to make writing a will as straightforward as possible, leaving unnecessary legal jargon at the door. Whether you require a simple will or more complex inheritance tax planning.

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